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Pro.Konak is a certified employment agency that mediates between employers and employees. In this context we provide a complete service enabling you to outsource responsibility for personnel. The employee is employed by us and is ready for work. We take over from you the obligations connected with the employment of new employees. Work, payment, salary, accommodation, transport, provision of a Social Security Number, insurances and so on are included in the package. Of course this is all done in accordance with the Dutch rules and regulations.

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Mobility is an important part nowadays. Pro.Konak ensures safe and representative transport for working temporary employees and has an extensive fleet of minibuses and private cars. We make use of a car pool system to pick up and take home temporary workers. Most temporary workers live in and around The Hague and Vlaardingen. This limits the journey time to 15 minutes.

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Pro.Konak provides accommodation for working temporary workers and a lot of energy is spent on looking for and maintaining homes. For instance, agreements have been laid down in a covenant with the municipality of Vlaardingen and Public Housing Waterweg Wonen en Samenwerking about the allocation of homes. This concerns homes that are empty and are now available for instance for Pro.Konak temporary employees. We also have various homes in Vlaardingen and The Hague. There is also a branch office at Spechtlaan 300, Vlaardingen. There you will find our caretaker who is available 24 hours a day.


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