If you as a company are interested in staff from abroad, then Pro.Konak is your right address for this too.

Pro.Konak B.V.

Over the years, Pro.Konak has proved itself to be a reliable partner for companies in the agricultural sector. Its success formula is providing good and motivated personnel to order. Particularly in professions involving hand labour, there is an enormous shortage of suitable personnel because nowadays a proper labour mentality is hard to find. So we pay a lot of attention to the recruitment and selection of our temporary workers. This means that we have temporary workers to order. We also deploy our works manager in your company. He then oversees all daily activities involving the temporary workers. So our temporary workers are always immediately available, up to date and skilled. Of course we keep you fully informed about the introduction, supervision and coordination on and around the shop floor.

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Inspection & Certificates

Companies Registration Verification) / NEN4400-1 (VRO)

We are VRO certified. VRO stands for Verificatie Registratie Ondernemingen (Companies’ Registration Verification). VRO makes sure, for instance, that temporary workers only start work once they comply with legal obligations and regulations. Among other things, VRO checks NEN 4400-1 companies that want to become eligible for certification and investigates whether certified companies can be included in the registry. This means that you as an employer hiring temporary staff know for certain that you are dealing with a temporary employment agency that, as frequent inspections have demonstrated, meets its payment obligations. This rules out penalties on grounds of the Sequential Liability Act (WKA). The objectives are: Limiting liability risk for employers who hire temporary staff and those who outsource work against claims for unpaid taxes and social security premiums. Protecting employers who hire temporary staff and those who outsource work from high penalties for work involving people who are not entitled to carry out work in the Netherlands, whose identity has not been established or who have obtained a false identity. Management of the public registry, Labour Standards Register, of companies that are certified or that are applying for certification and that conclude agreements with certification bodies.

Foundation for flexible housing standards (SNF)

The Stichting Normering Flexwonen (foundation for flexible housing standards, or SNF) administrates the register of companies that meet the housing standard for migrant workers and at the same time maintains that standard.

Organisations that offer housing for migrant workers have the option of obtaining the SNF certificate. In order to do so, they must meet the housing standard for migrant workers.

More information about SNF

IDchecker (Online ID verification)

The IDchecker was set up in 2003 with the objective of helping Dutch temporary employment agencies with the identity card assessment of new staff. The high-grade service is still an important component in the field of WID (Identification (Financial Services) Act), WAV (Labour Act for Aliens) and WWFT (Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act). The provision of services and the type of user has also changed and the service in the Netherlands is the standard in the field of online checking of identity cards.

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